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The Dutch artist Caroline Vis create abstract expressionist artworks and published her own way in her works!
I-CAC Certofocation + Akoun Certification.
The technique used by Caroline is a "Dripping and pouring" technique better known as 'action painting '.  
"Dripping" means a liquid drop drip.  
"Pouring" means pouring, let liquid flow or spread.
This technique was initiated by the artist Jackson Pollock, Jackson Pollock lived from 1912 to 1956 and has unfortunately only lived for 44 years, but this is the real founder.
You can still admire the wonderful works of art at the Guggenheim Museum, Caroline went specially to Venice to study the great works of art of Jackson Pollock. Moreover, after she have been painting for years.
What Caroline now exactly do with this technique?
Because Caroline Vis has already developed her own style, you can see on each painting that is a creation of Caroline Vis.
She starts with mixing different paints and colours, it takes not only the choices of the right colour, but also the appropriate paint thickness. Then the process starts, but backwards! She let run/ drip every colour on the canvas and gravity does the rest, but does so on her own way, otherwise the canvas would become Brown, the juxtaposition of colours must be clear. During the next hours of drying she must scrape off the paint in some places. No brush, knives of painter or other tools have been used, only the force of gravity.
In the coming hours, Caroline examines and acts during the drying process, she leaves nothing to chance! All colours must be in the right place like a puzzle and should therefore be clear. Caroline want no brown stain on the canvas, because that's what you get when you mix too many colours. Caroline wants to get a result representing the brightness of colours.
Some collectors consider recognising the style of Sam Francis, this artist lived from 1923 to 1994 in the United States, more specifically California. Look at the pictures of the great works of art of Sam Francis and you will discover the great brightness of colours.
But Carolina still says: "It's an honour for me, but my name is Caroline Vis and I'm an artist, because for me painting is my way of being happy! »

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