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Collection available. / "Paradox" XL 100 cm 320 cm

€ 4.250,00
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Contemporary painting

"Paradox" 100 cm 320 cm a diptych in the sense of two contradictory, which  makes no logic at all because we are all the same..
The colours run true this abstract painting, everything flows logically from one side to the other side..
This Artwork will give the viewer the change to have your own feelings about this vision.
Acrylic paint on Canvas.
This is a 100% Hand-Made original Acryl mixed Media
Canvas: cotton, wood frame.
Hand-stretched, stapled on the reverse.
Primer: I applied one coating of Gesso.
Color palette used: different shade of red, turquoise, lilac, purple, different shade of pink, yellow, orange, different shade of green, different shade of blue, black and white.
Dominant colors: all colors.
Techniques: Knife, scratching and pouring.
Finish: One coating of acrylic varnish to protect and provide a very long life at the artwork.

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€ 4.250,00
Precio de
Cantidad Pedido

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