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Sold collection / "Papillon Lune" Sold ! 150 cm x 90 cm

€ 3.000,00
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As an Artist you do visit museums so also the Louvre in Paris.
Seeing all the emotions...even in Gold. Gold is more than a golden ring for your marriage...... A marriage is every day giving your best emotion into your live to share with the best you have. That is why she like to work with gold. 
There is nothing what has the same value as an emotion, not money, not gold..... an emotion you can`t pay for it is a gift!
So addicted to emotions she paint "Papillon Lune"
For the collector who is going to purchase this painting, he is going to get a lot of emotion with this one.
But this art painting also arrived in a wooden crate with a certification of authenticity.
Video(s): Artpainting "Papillon Lune"



€ 3.000,00
Price per

If you have any questions about this artwork, do not hesitate to contact me.

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