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The Collection.

Caroline Vis is a Dutch artist who creates stunning works of art in both oil and acrylic media. She utilizes strong vibrant colors to bring movement and depth to her pieces. Her use of color and movement creates a unique aesthetic and transports viewers to an enchanted world of imagination and exploration. Vis has exhibited her work in multiple galleries across Europe, giving viewers a chance to experience her unique art in person. Her works of art are deeply soulful and evoke a deep emotional response from viewers. Her pieces have been described as “truly extra-ordinary” and have made an indelible mark on the world of art.


"Chameleon" 200 cm x 120 cm Privé Collection.

"Elements of Culture" 80 cm x 140 cm

"All Seasons" 100 cm x 160 cm

"Melting people" 160 cm x 100 cm Privé Collection.

"Colors of the world" 160 cm x 200 cm Diptych!

"Butterfly II" 100 cm x 160 cm Privé Collection.

"Summer Flower" 100 cm x 160 cm

"Flower Field" 100 cm x 160 cm

" Track skating" 120 cm x 200 cm

"Moving People" 200 cm x 120 cm privé Collection.

"Phenomenal" 200 xm x 200 cm

"Lost" 100 cm x 160 cm

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