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Collection available. / "First Time" 70 cm x 100 cm Special Art painting the first abstract.

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"First Time" Special Art painting the first abstract.
Painting of Caroline Vis, of her whole life and started her first steps in the Art Market at the end of 2015.
This Art painting is a little special, the Artist painted it in 2013 and it seems  one of the first abstracts.
She held on to it more than five years and was not strong enough to give a collector a change.
Today she feels ready to let go of this special.
The painting is signed more than once over each other that is why it seems a little messy on the left site down on the front, but in the same time it makes it a very nice strong abstract.
Delivered with a certification of authenticity and shipped in a wooden crate.



€ 2.400,00
Price per
Quantity: Order now

If you have any questions about this artwork, do not hesitate to contact me.

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