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The Collection. / "Butterfly II" 100 cm x 160 cm Privé Collection.

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Abstract Expressionism, Tachism, Gestural painting

"Butterfly II" 100 cm x 160 cm is the first in the series in whichf Caroline, used again another technique and develop style, it still will use a Dripping and Pouring  technique like a Pollock style, but it is her own interpation of a new kind of Dripping. The fullcolour painting , allowing you to feel the emotion and  keep watching. It did take a couple of days to create  this beautiful art creation . Caroline loves this Art Painting.

Acrylic paint on Canvas.
This is a 100% Hand-Made original Acryl mixed Medi

Canvas: coton, wood frame.
Hand-stretched, stapled on the reverse.
Primer: I applied one coating of Gesso and texture paste.
Color palette used: Wine red, lemon yellow, pink, purple, black and white.
Dominant colors: Wine red.
Techniques: Tachism, Action painting,Pouring and dripping.
Finish: One layer of acrylic varnish to protect and give a very long life to the artwork.

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Video(s): Butterfly papillon



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