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Colorful Abstract Art


"Blue night dreaming" 100 cm x 160 cm is a modern contemporary Art painting created by Caroline Vis with different shades of blue, the dripping an scracing technique is used on this artpainting reflect the immensity of space and dream.


Acrylic on canvas and according to contemporary technique.


"Blue Night dreaming" As you can see in my work, I make extensive use of the color blue. I find in the color blue an appropriate emotion, a little dreamy, the feeling that still everything is possible. That nothing can stop you from growing and developing, as long as you follow your passion.


Canvas: coton, wood frame.

Hand-stretched, stapled on the reverse.

Primer: I applied one coating of Gesso.

Color palette used: Different shades of blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, apple green, black and white.

Dominant colors: blue.

Techniques: Knife, finger, scratching, pouring and dripping.



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